Dr. Sahar Naoum

Dr. Sahar Naoum has more than 20 years of experience in Dental care, she is now concentrating on Invisalign as well as fixed orthodontics in a caring and gentle way, After having graduated in Dentistry from the University of Baghdad in 1996, she continued to complete her Master of Science in Conservative Dentistry in 2004 and ADC certificate in 2015.

Dr Sahar enjoys all facets of dentistry from simple filling procedures to more complex rehabilitative cases where her extensive knowledge of composite and porcelain materials are used to create lasting beautiful smiles.

She considers the art of cosmetic dentistry to be a standard to which dentistry should be practised and wishes for even simple procedures to appear cosmetically undetectable.

Australian Dental Council (ADC) Certified
Over 20 Years of Experience
Industry Leading Dentist

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